What We Do

Concierge Car Care

Anthony’s Pro Auto is located at 1839 Dublin Blvd. Colorado Springs, Colorado 80918. We offer Concierge Car Care. Our professional staff will help to keep you and your vehicle safely on the road. Our attention to detail leaves our customers with peace of mind knowing that they are maintaining the safety and value of their automobile asset. Anthony’s Pro Auto is unique in that we can service gasoline, diesel, and hybrid automobiles. Being family owned and operated, we treat our customers like family and their cars like our own. Our concierge service provides our valued customers with quality that meets and many times exceeds their expectations. Our goal is to provide on-time, quick and responsible service options. Each of our customers will leave Anthony’s Pro Auto with a Personal Care Plan for their vehicle maintenance. Through the use of today’s technology, we plan to incentivize on-line and app text reminders to enhance our ability to communicate more effectively with our customers and to encourage referrals to our family owned and operated business. We provide professional service to maintain our customers’ automobile maintenance. All vehicles need to be maintained, and we provide access to smart efficient repairs, including windshield repairs, and tire alignment with Concierge Car Care. Our experience in various backgrounds and expertise including, healthcare, information technology, security, and, of course automobile maintenance and repairs, has taught us that customers want to be able to build a relationship based on trust in an environment that is clean and comfortable. We will execute our business strategy to incorporate this into our brand; we will speak in plain language to build trust and accomplish our customers’ goal of safely getting back on the road with a sense of security.